The Latest Food Revolution
“A Foodies Paradise”
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The Experience

WTF is a philosophy that is far past exchanging money for food. We don't only believe in serving food, we believe in creating an experience. We strive to serve a one of a kind experience that after your first bite for one second you sit back and you're like.. "oh em gee. That was amazing", and after you pick up your phone and post pictures saying WTF was that and snap pictures wishing it can capture the aroma, you sit back and just enjoy your food. Put your phones on the table, set them aside and remember what it's like to be human. Before you received all your crucial life events in abbreviations in the palm of your hands and your calories were counted before they were absorbed

A #tastebudoverload that it knocks you out the social media world? Now that's the WTF Experience. Good company can't be bought or trained and that's what you'll receive. #Real #WtfExp

Talk to friends, talk to family. #shareameal

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