A beautiful selection to get your mouth watering

WTF Fries

Guaranteed to satisfy your wildest cravings. All of them.

OMG Salad

From the freshest ingredients on earth to bring you nutritional perfectionist

Wtf Burgers

Back to a time before patties were frozen and shaped perfectly, we threw on some gloves, brought earths finest ingredients together, smoothed it together and brought to you the WTF Experience. The only thing wrong with our burgers is that they haven’t made a WTF Cologne yet. *Patties are cooked to order per request. *Each Patty is half pound, hand pressed fresh Angus beef and flame grilled

Philly Affairs

You haven't had a Philly cheesesteak like this. Ribeye meat so good that if you swore we massaged the cows ourselves, you'd have a 50% of being right. We take our meat serious. Theres no description needed. Home-made Bread. Fresh Daily. It's perfection in between bread

WTF Fish

With your choice of Hand Cut Cod, Catfish, or Tilapia deep fried in our special batter served with our home-made sauce. It's perfection fried in perfection served with perfection. Trust us, you haven't had fish like this. Craving Shrimp? Don't worry. Our Ballin Shrimp is slap yo grandma good.

Gyro Wrap

With recipes so mouth watering, it would have been a crime not to share<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> our take at our very own mediterranean menu. We don’t promise to bring<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> you anything different, but we’ll make sure you won’t be going anywhere<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> else.


Poke like you've never seen