Written – May 14th 2016

July 4, 1776
The Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence

March 24, 1844
The first telegraph message is sent between Washington and Biltmore

The internet was born

The dream was born

July 7, 2016 – 3:12 PM
The #WtfExp transformed from a dream to a reality

The one thing every great event in history had in common is they started with an idea. Yesterdays visions are tomorrows futures. Every event in your life is written so why not make it entertaining. When the British told us who we can trade with, we told them no and created this great nation. When they used pigeons to send letters we used telegraphs. When they told us we can’t create an alternate reality, we created the internet.

They told us we’d be nothing, so we decided to start a movement.

Back to a time before patties came pre packaged, frozen and the unrealistic perfect square patty became what you expected when we ordered a burger, we threw on some gloves, paid for some good labor, created some of this Earth’s finest recipes, put them together in between some heavenly buns and realized #wtfburgers

After having an affair we realized that if you cut ribeye steak, season it to perfection, serve it with everything you could possibly crave, #PhillyAffairs was born

Marlyn’s – It’s simple. With a philosophy that freshly prepared hand cut fish, fried in just the right homemade batter, and serve it with homemade tartar & coleslaw you just get simply amazing fish.

GyroWrap was a realization that not everyone in there right mind wants to have a cardiac arrest after every meal, so in addition to slicing our own fresh gyro, we’ve brought a salad bar to meet every health fanatics expectations. Fresh cut vegetables daily to go on all your meals, in addition to creating the ultimate salad no matter how many calories you’re counting.

You add that together and you get #WtfExp

Coming Soon. Spread the Word! Join the Movement!

#Wtf #WtfExp