WTF Pledge

Written Aug 4, 2016

The number one question boggling everyone’s mind is ‘What does it stand for?’ Driving down the highway, the last thing you expect to read is ‘WTF’. We put “What’s that flavor’ because the city didn’t approve the billboards without it. But ideally a name would’ve never been associated. It’s suppose to make you wonder. To make you question.

We know our food is good. Getting you back into the door once you try it isn’t the problem. But how many of us today are so disconnected with reality that we would even realize a giant sign on the sign of the road that read ‘WTF’. 10 years ago nobody would even consider it. A year ago they told us to keep dreaming. A week ago the signs went up. Without a question. Just a slight adjustment because we chose advertisement. We’re too busy driving, looking down on our phones, at pictures of how everyone else is living life. While we’re jogging we’re snapping pictures. But what happens when we actually connect with one another in the real world? If we’re together, what do we have to post about? In the last decade alone the human attention span has shortened from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. Movies became youtube clips which became 10 second snaps. You order your food on the way to avoid wasting time. But you put a group of people to together and 9 out of the 10 times, someone is on the phone.

The #WtfPledge is our small contribution to society, not by providing water mouthing experiences, but if you, and a group of friends put your phones on the side of the table for the entire duration of your meal, we’ll throw in some fried ores to improve your chill session. . Above serving greatness, we want to bring humanity back to reality.